An intense experience: V-Tay graduates from Founder Institute

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After three months of intensive work, the time has finally come: today, our co-founder Sannssi graduated from the largest pre-seed accelerator in the world – Founder Institute. On his way, he got acquainted with a variety of obstacles a young startup faces at the beginning of its journey – and learned to master them at the same time.

Taking things to the next level​

The program gave deep insight into almost all areas an early stage start-up should focus on at the beginning of their journey: product market fit, validation, financial modeling, pitch refinement and a lot more. Based on the feedback from sessions with some of the smartest people the Berlin start-up scene has to offer – including Nuri Co-Founder Benjamin Jones; Itembase CEO Stefan Jørgensen; Angel Investors such as Regine Harr, Andreas Assum and many more – V-Tay has been constantly evolving over the past months. The entire experience has greatly contributed to the fact that not only has our business model tightened up over the past few months, we have also grown as founders and can now confidently claim that we are ready to take things to the next level – and raise pre-seed investment. The tasks of the FI have been without a doubt challenging, but instrumental in rethinking our approach to the market from the ground up. Nevertheless, we have always remained true to our original vision: To serve young professionals with the tools they need for personal & professional prosperity – and along the way, to make the life coaching industry more inclusive, more diverse and more credible.

A big milestone – with more to come

Our founder Sannssi (left) puts it this way: “We are happy that we went through this program successfully. It was quite tough, we spent a lot of late evenings working, but it helped us to transform our vision into a solid business model, validate it and now be ready for the next steps.” The graduation from the program marks the first big milestone in V-Tay’s young existence and we thank everyone who was part of the program. Stay tuned and follow V-Tay if you want to learn more about inclusive digital life coaching.

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