The next step: V-Tay joins REAKTOR.BERLIN

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We are in for a momentous time! V-Tay joined the accelerator program of REAKTOR.BERLIN in February. This means that for the next 6 months we will be supported by a scholarship that allows us to put all our focus on making our vision come true. REAKTOR.BERLIN is backed by the European Social Fund (ESF) of the European Union and the Berlin Senate. On top of that, the program benefits from coachings, top-notch mentors and over 80 experts eager to assist us so we’re all prepared for the journey ahead of us!

Going all the way

REAKTOR.BERLIN has proven a good hand in picking promising pre-seed start-ups: Newcon, Priceloop, Roadia or Avocargo – Berlin-Based startups that could attract significant investment from market-leading Europe and US-based players. V-Tay thus becomes part of a strong network of driven people, all of whom have set out to revolutionize the market – a match made in heaven! REAKTOR.BERLIN’s focus lies on creative as well as impact driven projects that bring solutions to the great challenges of our societies such as: climate change, gender inequality and diversity, housing, education, sustainable food, efficient health care system, etc.

This approach fits perfectly to V-Tay’s values: We aim to make coaching as inclusive as possible. Because we believe that when it comes to personal development, every aspect of one’s personality must be taken into account. Otherwise, the coaching methods can hardly come to fruition. Too often, however, identifying factors of one’s own identity are not considered in personal development or mental health offerings. This is where V-Tay is different: We acknowledge that each person has unique hurdles specific to their individual identity, such as ethnicity, gender or financial background, and that they need to be factored into personal development approaches in order to fully be successful.

Here's to 6 months of teamwork

After graduating Founder Institute, we are looking forward to working with REAKTOR.BERLIN and all the other start-ups that are currently going through the program. There’s still a lot to discover, and we’re excited about all the things we’ll learn in the upcoming months.

Our priority at the moment is raising capital. With our vision set, we are now looking at ways to fully realize our solution. We’re ready to take on any challenge that comes our way and with REAKTOR.BERLIN we’re sure to have the perfect partner at our side.

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