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With inclusive personal development​

By using coaching methods based on Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

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People are different.

So why should everyone receive the same approach to their mental health?

You deserve a personal development solution that adapts to your identity and personality
- not the other way around.

A virtual long term life coach

that includes everyone’s challenges

Mental Health meets Inclusivity

Opposed to other personal development apps, V-Tay covers topics that are often unseen or not outspoken but which can have a huge impact on a person’s development process.

These topics include biases that people experience based on their ethnicity or gender in wider society and the connected implications these experiences have on our self-image, thoughts and behaviors.

As well as traits of our character that are influenced by how financially secure our upbringing or current situation was/is.

Aspects like these are often left-out in the glamorous world of self-improvement but for many people, maybe also for you, they are defining. So working with and through them can be liberating and help unleash your best self.


Receive your unique growth plan adjusted to your life, challenges and goals. Work through coaching tools in your own pace.

Choose from a wide range of coaching tools for any situation. Based on your input we provide you with tailored support.

Interactice Exercises

At the price of a book

Develop yourself while spending not more than you would for a book. 

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